Tarot Spreads and Sample Readings

Tarot Spreads

July 2009            New Perspective Spread by Diane Wilkes

Jan. 2006            The New Year's Revolution Spread by Diane Wilkes

Dec. 2005:           Holiday Blahs to Bliss Spread by Diane Wilkes

Nov. 2005:          Temperance Spread by Sherryl Smith

October 2005:     The Painter's Four Seasons Spread by Caitlin Matthews

Sept. 2005:          Emotional Clutter Spread by Jean Hutter

August 2005:       Kuan Yin Spread by Diane Wilkes

July 2005:            Letting Go of Your Illusions Spread by Teresa Michelsen

June 2005:           Metaphysician, Heal Thyself Spread by Diane Wilkes

April 2005:           The South Park Discovery Spread by Kim Colley

March 2005:        The Passion Spread by Diane Wilkes

February 2005:    The Oracle of Hendir by Tom Tadfor Little

January 2005:      Tarot Is/Isn't by James Wells and Buffy New Year Spread by Diane Wilkes

December 2004:  Energy Spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

November 2004:  My Best Self Spread by Diane Wilkes

October 2004:      Rebuilding the Temple Spread by Diane Wilkes

Sept. 2004:           Back to School Spread by Mark McElroy

August 2004:       Blue Moon Spread by Amy Dawn and Marion and the
                             Once in a Very Blue Moon Spread by Diane Wilkes

July 2004:            Crossroads Transformation Spread by Sandra K. Thomson

June 2004:           Mindfulness Spread by Mary K. Greer

May 2004:           1983 Sixers Six Card Victory Spread by Diane Wilkes

April 2004            Wheel of the Year Spread by Kim Huggens

March 2004:        Pentacle Work Spread by Leah Samul

February 2004:    I Ching Spread by Elizabeth Hazel

January 2004:      The Beginning Tree by Kris Waldherr

December 2003:  Holiday Cheer Spread by Diane Wilkes

November 2003:  Hermit's Quest Spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

October 2003:      Birthday Spread by Christine Jette

September 2003: Way of the Five Bodies of Sekhmet Spread by Diane Wilkes

August 2003:        The Lion, the Lady, and the Lemniscate Spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince and
                              Diane Wilkes

July 2003:            Dream Interpretation Spread by Shelley Bossert and Kevin Atherton

June 2003:           Constructing a Tarot Story by Geraldine Amaral

April 2003:           The Tarot Characters Spread by Kathleen Olmstead

March 2003:        The Whole Person Spread by Teresa Michelsen

February 2003:    Make a Wish Spread by Geraldine Amaral

January 2003:      Old Me/New Me Spread by Diane Wilkes

December 2002:  Yemaya Spread by Diane Wilkes

November 2002:  Creating Life Spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince 

October 2002:      Yellow Brick Road Spread by Isha Lerner

September 2002:  I.S.E.E. Career Values Spread by Diane Wilkes

August 2002:        Individualized Celtic Cross Spread by Ruth Vertrees

July 2002:             Cronebody Spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

June 2002:            Creativity Spread & Palette of Creative Possibilities Spread by Becky Elfers
                              and Sally Anne Stephen

May 2002:            Archangelic Spread by Eva Yaa Asantewaa

April 2002:            The Moon Spread by Yvonne Rathbone

March 2002:         The Cake Spread by Annie Steele

February 2002:     Brid's Wheel Spread by Christine Jette

January 2002:       New Beginnings Spread by Diane Wilkes

December 2001:   Dreidel Spread by Diane Wilkes

November 2001:  Thanksgiving Spread by Diane Wilkes

October 2001:      Storytelling Spread by Riccardo Minetti

September 2001:  Leap Into the Abyss Spread by Rachel Pollack

August 2001:        Creative Process Spread by Diane Wilkes

July 2001:            Crone's Eye View Spread by Ellen Lorenzi-Prince

June 2001:            Biography Spread - by Diane Wilkes

May 2001:            Healing Dance Spread by Valerie Sim-Behi

April 2001:           Cauldron Spread by Eva Yaa Asantewaa

March 2001:         Hourglass Spread by Thrysse

February 2001:     Soul Mates Spread and the Torn Between Two Lovers Spread by Mark
                              McElroy (spread one) and Diane Wilkes (spread two)

January 2001:     Two Elemental Spreads by Mark McElroy (spread one) and Tom T. Little
                             (spread two)

December 2000:  Goddesses in Every Position by Diane Wilkes

November 2000:  The Closing of the Circle Spread and the Tree of Returning Spread  by
                              Monika Awerbuck (spread one) and Lynell K. Landru (spread two)

October 2000:      What If Spread by Valerie Sim-Behi

September 2000:  Bright Shadow Spread by Geraldine Amaral


Sample Tarot Readings

These sample readings are meant to help novice tarot readers and also illustrate how particular decks work in the reading context.  

By Diane Wilkes:

Animal Tarot

Tarot of the Animal Lords

Australian Animal Tarot

Avalon Tarot

Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot

Blue Rose Tarot

Bruegel Tarot

Le Tarot du Chat

Tarot of the Crone

Dance of Life Tarot

Dante Tarot

Da Vinci Enigma Tarot

Leonardo Da Vinci Tarot

Tarot of Dreams

Evolving Tarot

Fairy Tarot

Fairy Tale Tarot

Fey Tarot

Full Moon Dreams

Gay Tarot

Gilded Tarot

Golden Tarot

Golden Tarot of the Renaissance

Hudes Tarot

Initiatory Tarot of the Masters

Inner Child Tarot

Jane Austen Tarot

Liber T Tarot

Love Tarot

Lovers Tarot

Mary-El Tarot

MerryDay Tarot

Millennium 2000 Tarot

Mountain Dream Tarot

Tarot de Paris

Phoenix Tarot

Revelations Tarot

Rock and Roll Tarot

Buckland Romani Tarot

Tarot of the Saints

Sakki-Sakki Tarot

Samantha's Tarot

Tarot of the Secret Forest

Shakespeare Oracle

Shining Tribe Tarot

Swedish Witch Tarot

Templar Tarot

Toscano Tarot

Transformational Tarot

Vanessa Tarot

Victoria Regina Tarot

Waking the Wild Spirit Tarot

Tarot of the White Cats

Robin Wood Tarot

World Spirit Tarot

By Amy Dawn:

Ancestral Path Tarot Sample Reading

By Valerie Sim-Behi:

Animal Wise Tarot Sample Reading

By Ellen Lorenzi-Prince:

Tarot of the Crone Sample Reading

By Bonnie Cehovet:

Enchanted Tarot Sample Reading

By Fae Moon:

Faerie Oracle One Card Sample Reading

By Mark McElroy:

Instant Ideas Deck

By Sally Anne Stephen:

World Spirit Tarot Sample Reading