The Star That Never Walks Around: A Native American Tarot Package by Stella Bennett
Review by Arielle Smith

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I really like the box – a compact, 6 ¼” square, the box feels…solid…earthy…reliable. And that’s just the beginning of the good stuff about this tarot deck.

Inside the box, set within a purple frame, are the cards. Round cards. Cards under 4” in diameter. Cards that are easy to shuffle. Cards with what appears to be very simple drawings. But for all their simplicity, these drawings are quite eloquent and they speak volumes.

The cards are friendly. Cups become Frogs, Pentacles become Turtles, Wands become Thunderbirds, and Swords become Butterflies (instead of being stabbed with a sword, how much better to be tickled by a butterfly!). Throughout the deck, colors are soft and comforting.

There is a book with the cards – but no flimsy, little white booklet here. This is a 200 page guide to reading, not just this deck, but tarot cards of all kinds. Stella Bennett, creator of The Star That Never Walks Around, does not waste our time caressing her own ego. Her manner is direct, honest, and very informative.

Beginning readers will find material on choosing a deck, taking care of the cards, grounding, and formulating questions. And I believe this is the first deck I’ve ever seen that included the author’s personal Code of Ethics. Stella also includes information on astrology, numerology, the elements, karma, and timing, as well as several spreads and she does an excellent job of explaining the reading advantages to round cards. Even with all of this information, however, Stella leaves room for our own ideas and encourages us to think for ourselves.

I have never really been attracted to Native American decks before, but this one transcends cultural differences. Under Stella’s hand, we do learn a great deal about Native American culture, but Stella’s own respect for all living things becomes OUR respect for all living things. We see the world through her eyes – the eyes of a spiritual, loving woman – and we share her awe for the mysteries of the world.

The Star That Never Walks Around is from the heart and soul of Stella Bennett. It carries her wisdom, her humor, her integrity, her love, and her joyous spirit. We are all better because of her presence in our lives. We are all happier to have this deck!

Kitatamihim, Stella! (Thank you, Stella!)

The Star That Never Walks Around by Stella Bennett
Publisher: Weiser/Red Wheel Books
ISBN#: 1578632420

If you would like to purchase this deck/book set, click here.

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Arielle Smith, well on her way to becoming a weird eccentric, is a Certified Tarot Grandmaster living in Florida with her husband and four cats. Both tree-hugger and animal lover, she is also a part-time teacher and lifetime student of the Tarot. You can visit her at her website, Mystik Moons.

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