Down to Earth Tarot: A No-Nonsense guide to using and understanding Tarot Cards

This book is an easy read, which covers the basics of learning to read. The interpretations are short and simple to understand and the entire book could be read in a couple of hours. Illustrated with the Waite-Smith deck, it could be used with any deck based on the Golden Dawn symbolism, or a generic deck such as the Marseille. A simple method for interpreting the cards is provided and it is based on......surprise....The Qabala! The Sephiroth are briefly described and used with the description of the suits, are the basis for a numerological method of interpreting. Two spreads are described: The Celtic Cross and what the author calls the Golden Dawn Spread. I am familiar with the Golden Dawn Spread, only I call it the 15 Card Spread. It is in Wang’s “Qabalistic Tarot” and several other books. A short section on how to enhance your psychic abilities and how to give more accurate readings is included as well. There is a one page reference at the end of the book with interpretations for each of the numbers and the suits.

Each interpretation for the majors has a short section describing what the card represents followed by a “Down to Earth” meaning. The interpretations of the minors have the Golden Dawn title of the card, followed by the “Down to Earth” meaning. An example is given below. The interpretations are fairly traditional, straight-forward and easy to remember. My only complaint about this book is the portions dealing with Tarot history. Steward makes some statements that he fails to back up with any references, which I feel are misleading. For example: ”There is very substantial evidence that the Tarot has been at least as old as written language, dating back thousands of years.” This is news to me and I wish the author had provided some evidence to support this claim. He then states that “one of the chambers of the great pyramid contains drawings of all 22 Major Tarot cards.” No references are given to support this claim either. Aside from his history problems though, Steward has written an interesting little book, which is well suited to a beginning Tarot student.

Down to Earth Tarot: A No-Nonsense guide to using and understanding Tarot Cards
Author: Alan Steward
ISBN: 0-9632646-1-3
Publisher ABACO Publishing, Inc.


The Oracle of the Gods
Represents the forces of Gemini
The Lovers

This card represents harmony. The balance between male and female, emotions and reason. Since it is hard to balance these two, this card also implies a decision to be made. Do you need more emotion? Do you need more reason? This card is ruled by Gemini, the twins. Like in real life twins, there is a strong sense of togetherness.

Down to Earth Meaning of this card:

If this card shows up in your reading, look closely at the surrounding cards. They will tell you whether there is harmony in what you do, or if a decision needs to be made. You could be on a crossroads. It is quite possible that the card means exactly what it says. A lover might come into your life. You might be reunited with someone from your past or a family member. If this reading involves a relationship, you should definitely examine this relationship closer. Are you getting along? Is there balance?

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