Tarot 22

I read about this deck in the Fall issue of Wellspring Magazine. It is a Major Arcana-only deck. The cards that depict people emphasize the faces, which take up most of the scene. The faces have large eyes. Cards that do not feature people have simple scenes, generally with one main symbol. The art was originally done in oil on 18" X 24" canvases. Interestingly, the artist painted the deck using Moon cycles. Per the booklet: "The deck was painted under the direct influence of the optimal moon phases, with each card hand-painted during the waxing and full cycles. Consequently the deck has been infused with the positive forces of the moon." The cards measure 2 3/4" X 4 5/8". The art is very good. The colors tend to deep blues and purples, though there are some bright touches to keep things interesting. The outer borders are black, with a thin gold colored inner border. The card number is in the top portion of the image and the name is in a thicker gold border at the bottom each image. The backs are an interlocking chain design on black with a thin gold border.  They are reversible. Strength is eight and Justice is 11. One thing I like is that the cards are very glossy and fairly heavily coated, yet they are not sticky like many high gloss decks. They bend and shuffle nicely.

The deck comes with a little booklet written and produced by the artist. It provides some background information on the deck and the artist and three keywords for each card. Some of the keywords are traditional, but others are not. A three card spread is provided. The artist kept the images and meanings simple and recommends that you use the keywords provided as a "...framework to help you create your own personal meanings." The deck comes in a beautiful bag made of purple velvet with the opening made from a sequined material. It ties with a silver cord.  

This deck is numbered from a limited edition of 300 decks. The booklet is numbered and signed by the artist. I recommend this deck for collectors and for anyone looking for an attractive deck with simple imagery. It is a steal at $22.00 plus shipping for a limited edition, numbered deck, with a velvet bag. This is an excellent deck to start a tarot collection. But hurry, 300 decks will sell out quickly. Mine is number 47.

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Tarot 22 by Michael Roman
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