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I found this deck in the Bargain Books section of Barnes and Nobles. It is a deck/book set with a Majors-only deck. The cards are large: 6 1/4" X 4 1/4", and are of flimsy card stock. It is evident that the cards were cheaply made, as the edges of the card are marred by the little bits of cardboard where the cards were connected before being separated. Despite these flaws, the deck is rather charming. The art is good and is obviously based on the work of Pamela Colman-Smith. The colors are somewhat muted and the entire deck has a light and happy look. Even the Devil is smiling, as are the Fool and the driver of the Chariot. There is a thin purple border around each card. The card number is in the top border and the card name is in the bottom border. Strength is VIII and Justice is XI. The artist has retained most of the Waite-Smith symbolism. The backs are purple with a gold star.

The hardcover book that comes in this set is titled: The Tarot and You: A simple guide to using the cards for self discovery and prophecy. The author "...is an Australian astrologer, clairvoyant, inventor and writer." The book begins with an introduction and a history which is inaccurate on several counts. It states that Tarot cards are the forerunners of playing cards (the opposite is true). In the next chapter, the author reverses her earlier assertions and states that the earliest playing cards originated in China and Korea and that they predate Tarot cards. Her second version of history is more accurate than her first. One wonders where her editor was as these disparate accounts are only one page apart. A very brief discussion of symbols and archetypes is next, followed by an introduction to astrology and the four elements. Instructions on using the cards for divination using a one card spread are provided, including information about getting into the right frame of mind, how to shuffle, etc. Meanings for the Major Arcana follow. Each card description has a color image of the card, a description of the imagery and symbolism, and upright and reversed meanings. Finally, alternate spreads are given: a two card yes/no spread and a past, present future three card spread. There is a suggested reading list that contains some good titles and some not-so-good titles.

This entire kit is packaged in a long and narrow cardboard box with cellophane windows that show the deck and the book. The deck is in a sleeve and both the deck and book sit in a plastic well that slides out.

I recommend this deck for collectors. The large size of the cards may make it useful for meditation as well.

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The Tarot and You
Book: Lindell Barker Revell
Illustrations: Penny Lovelock
ISBN: 0-517-15930-9
Publisher: Crescent Books New York * Avenal


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