Reading with the Templar Tarot by Diane Wilkes


The querent asked for a general reading.

Card One: Person in the Present - Six of Cups

The querent is presently preoccupied with her relationship with her son, a troubled, irresponsible youth.  Due to personal difficulties the querent had while raising her son as a single mother, she feels guilty and tends to give too much and expect too little now.  This Six of Cups speaks to the love the querent has for her son, as well as the love he has for her.  It also speaks to the importance of reciprocity.  Giving too much isn't a gift, but a burden that her son can't handle, which causes him to act out and make the querent miserable.  In order for her son to become a responsible and giving individual, the querent needs to reward her son's positive behavior and withhold extraneous gifts when he doesn't merit them.  She needs to start treating him as an equal, and that means not being the protective, overly giving mother who tries to compensate for past mistakes. 

The image on the card shows a harmonious and pleasant environment, which does not accurately depict the querent's present situation.  If she wants to establish a more harmonious, pleasant environment, she is the one who must take charge of the situation and demand that both contribute to cultivating their mutual garden.  The querent has some self-esteem issues, and this card, along with the other two, speak to the importance of cultivating her individual garden, as well.

Card Two: Gifts and Assets - Three of Pentacles

The querent is in the process of re-doing her home, and is surprised and pleased to discover she has a talent for this kind of work.  She is handy and interested in doing all kinds of crafts, for which she has a real gift.  She has allowed her problems with her son to overwhelm her and become the main focus of her life.  This card speaks to the importance of engaging in activities that will reinforce positive beliefs about herself and take her mind off of her situation with her son.  When fully engaged in an activity, she will find it easier to move beyond herself and her problems.  The querent needs to start putting herself first, and concentrating on "following her bliss."  She might also find value in learning new skills and slowly developing her gifts. This could help in terms of learning the benefits of delayed gratification and slow, steady acquisition of skills.

Most importantly, the image shows someone who is serenely immersed in creative work.  The querent is greatly in need of serenity.

Card Three: Blockages and Obstacles - Seven of Cups

The problem is that the querent would rather fantasize about doing things than actually doing them!  She is capable of wonderful thoughts about the future, but when it comes down to actually making changes in her life, she has a cornucopia of excuses as to why she must stay in her present, unhappy situation.  She is very comfortable living in her head and allowing the world to go by without her.  When we discussed her taking design classes or doing more creative activities, the querent, who has been on disability, said she would soon be returning to work.  However, when she does, she will only be working part-time.  The querent's main obstacle is that she is presently in a state of inertia, and is unwilling or unable to see that only she can change her situation.  She was disappointed that the cards didn't promise all sorts of wonderful things for the future without any effort on her part--no lottery winnings, no tall, handsome prince about to knock on her door?  The idea that her fate is in her hands caused her distress, not comfort. 

This is the biggest obstacle the querent faces at this time.  When she finally decides that controlling her fate is a good thing, and starts moving in a direction that gives her satisfaction, she will be amazed at the serenity that awaits her.

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