The Terrestrial Tarot                                                                                Review by Michele Jackson
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I have had this deck for a couple of months now, and have pulled it out to review on more than one occasion. I always ended up reviewing something else because could not come to any firm conclusions about this deck. I couldn't even make up my mind whether I liked it or whether I found it repulsive. I think it's a little of both. 
The "scenes" on this deck are composites of body parts from various creatures. They are joined together to create a creature-like form, lighted, colored and presented on a black background. They have an eerie, alien quality to them. Many of the creatures look like the little critters you see on public television shows about the unseen world. Creatures like the tiny bugs that live in the base of your eyelashes, or the little mites that live in your sheets, no matter how clean you think they are. Like many people, I find things like this somewhat repulsive, yet fascinating. This deck gives me a similar feeling. One would be hard pressed to call the art on this deck beautiful in the traditional sense of the word, yet the use of light, and color, combined with the strangeness of the images make this deck compelling.

This deck has changed the traditional names of some of the Majors:

Strength is 8 and Justice is 11. The Minors have one word interpretations assigned, which are also non-traditional. The Court Cards are King, Queen Knight and Page and the suits are Swords, Wands, Cups and Coins. There are 4 additional cards called "phase cards", which represent the elements. Color is consistent throughout the minors with the swords colored yellow; the wands, red; the cups blue; and the coins green.The phase cards are used in conjunction with the rest of the deck and effect the interpretation. The little booklet that comes with the deck tells you this much, and provides interpretations which take the phase cards into account, but it does not explain the mechanism for incorporating them into the reading. The only spread given is the Celtic Cross, and the description given for it does not address the phase cards at all. I anticipate we will be seeing a separate book for this deck. I would like to know just what creatures make up each card, and why they were chosen. I would also like to know how the phase cards are used in a reading. I could come up with ways to use them on my own, but I would like to know what the creators' intent was, especially since he/she is so insistent that they must be used.

This is a deck that you will probably love or hate at first sight. I recommend you look at it a few times before passing final judgment. My initial reaction was negative, but after I looked at the deck several times, I found it intriguing. I recommend this deck for collectors or for those who are looking for something different. In the right hands, this deck looks like it could give some powerful readings. See the Terrestrial Tarot Deck

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The Terrestrial Tarot
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