Thea's Tarot

This is a women-centered deck; consequently there are no males depicted. The images are black and white. Per the artist, the deck was done " response to Billie Pott's A New Women's Tarot, and to other decks which have recently (1984) appeared on the market." Many of thethea0.jpg (12953 bytes) Major Arcana have been renamed:

0. Innocence 8. Justice 16. The Tower
1. The Magician 9. The Hermit 17. The Star
2. The Seer 10. The Comet 18. The Moon
3. The Creator 11. Strength 19. The Sun
4. The Emperor 12. Art 20. Rebirth
5. The Hierophant 13. The Juggler 21. The World
6. The Lovers 14. Grace  
7. The Chariot 15. Oppression  

The suits are Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. The court has been changed to make it all female: Amazon, Mother, Daughter and Child. Cards that are traditionally male have female images. The Emperor looks female; the Hierophant is a nun; the Lovers are female as are the couples in the Two of Cups and Ten of Cups. The cards measure 4 1/2" X 2 3/4".  The art is good. The medium is papercut, which produces contrast images. Some of the images are clearly based on the Waite deck, like the Three and Five of Cups, Two of Swords, Seven of Pentacles and the Ten of Wands, though others are not. Each Ace features a woman with the suit symbol. A few cards are rendered sideways: The Ace of Cups; Three of Swords; the Seven, Nine, Ten and Daughter of Pentacles. The art is excellent, especially considering the medium.

There is no little booklet with this deck. Instead, there is a sheet with instructions for the Celtic Cross Spread and brief meanings for each card. The backs are maroon with a symbol that is not described. It is encased in a two piece box. This deck is out of print.

Thea's Tarot Deck
Images Copyright 1984 Ruth West

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