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This deck features abstract art. The Majors and court cards depict people, but they are also done in an abstract style. There are no people or scenes on the minors. Lot's of swirls of color, pentagrams and six sided stars. The suits are fire, water, wind and earth which take the place of wands, cups, swords, and pentacles. The court cards are father, mother, brother and sister. Strength is card 8 and Justice has been replaced by Karma. Judgement has been replaced by Resurrection and the World is the Universe. These cards are very attractive with vibrant colors throughout. There seems to be little use made of reds for fire, blues for water etc. as bright colors in various combinations are spread throughout the suits. Each card has a one or two word definition at the bottom (this is helpful since you can't glean much info from looking at the picture). It is almost impossible to talk about this deck without discussing the book. The deck was drawn by Joyce Eakins and the book was written by her daughter, Pamela Eakins.
The book is one of the better Tarot books written in my opinion. It provides a detailed description of each card and it's symbolism, a divinatory meaning, a short mediation and an interpretation of the card. It delves into esoteric Tarot in an interesting
and easy to follow way. The book sets up a method for learning the cards
systematically which takes a year to complete. There is a 79th card which is
unnamed and supposedly you will gain insight into this card if you complete
the studies outlined in the book. On the downside, the book highlights the
flaws in the cards as they are currently published. The deck was done using
paint on canvas and the reduction and printing process used to publish the
cards makes many of the details discussed in the book difficult if not
impossible to see. From my experience the book doesn't work well with other
decks either, though it could be used if you ignored the symbology section of
each card and make adjustments for your own deck. IMHO this is not a book/deck
combination for beginners, but if you have a good handle on your deck of
choice I recommend this book as a second reference to expand your knwoledge
and to explore new meanings for the cards. The introductory material in the
book is excellent and can be applied to any deck.
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Tarot of the Spirit
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