Sample Reading with the Toscano Tarot by Kimberly Fordham
Reading by Diane Wilkes

Since the querent didn't have a specific question, I did a reading for her regarding the next three months.

Card One:    Where should the querent focus her energy in the next three months - King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles card indicates that the querent is in the process of becoming more stable in a position of power and rulership. She is the director of an agency and, although she has had the role for some time, she is still growing into it, and issues are coming up for her that are making her reconsider certain aspects of it. Ironically, the physical condition (Pentacles) of her agency is specifically an issue for her at this time. This version of the card shows a stone statue of the face of a bearded monarch who is looking ahead to the future with a stern gaze and great determination. A beautiful stained glass window is the backdrop, and it suggests that the querent's surroundings are fragile--as well as not idealized in any way. Two other symbols add something to this card. One is the rune Fehu, which indicates material wealth and acquisition, but also overcoming struggles. The other is a cute and rather silly looking image of a cow. This is a reminder that, though she wants to do the very best job she can and sometimes making the necessary changes is a grim struggle, the querent must always keep her sense of humor as she uses her stubborn "bullishness" to accomplish her goals. In addition, she needs to recognize her own increasing power and how it "sits" upon her. She also needs to weigh issues of monetary increase with other aspects of her career and decide what will truly make her feel wealthy and physically content.

Card Two:    What could cause obstacles and/or interruptions - Five of Cups

Some typical keywords for the Five of Cups are grief, loss, and regret. The central image of this card is a fierce dragon grimacing in agony, making those words seem inadequate. The querent is a person of strong emotions, and she feels things deeply, despite her tough exterior. This card suggests to me that there are some things in the querent's life that are causing her strong emotional distress and, if not dealt with appropriately, could stop her from gaining her rightful place on the King of Pentacles' throne. I don't mean that literally in terms of her career, but simply in terms of feeling the strength, power, and contentment of that card. As in the Rider-Waite-Smith version of this card, two cups remain upright, so the querent has plenty going for her. Many might not see beneath that exterior of strength and success, but the pain is there and must be dealt with. This is not a case of the querent not recognizing her strengths or crying over spilled wine, but something at the core that is spoiling what should be her time in the sun.

Card Three:    What is her ally? - The Lovers

On one level, this card indicates the querent's husband, who is a great support and strength for her, someone she can always lean on and share with. Perhaps she can--and should--lean on him even more in this time of growth and pain. The querent is such a strong person that she might carry loads she doesn't have to, loads that should be halved. On another level, though, I think this card is speaking to the concept of balancing her anima and animus, finding a way to see the beauty in both the yin and yang in life. If the querent focuses more on her solar energy than her lunar power, this card is a reminder to achieve balance in that area (symbols of both are at the bottom of this card, but Luna seems slightly smaller in size). Lastly, this is a card of choices, and one thing that supports her is the possibility of choices in terms of her career in the coming months. Having a choice is always a position of strength, and one that the querent can use as her ally in the coming three months.

I created a haiku poem based on these three cards--each line speaks to the cards in order of their position, but they work with one another, too:    

Increasing in might,
I am strong enough to cry
Girded by my love

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Images 2004 Kimberly Fordham
Reading 2004 Diane Wilkes