Two Three Card Readings with Transformational Tarot - Reading by Diane Wilkes

The querent had three questions.  I chose one card to answer each.

Will I ever have a job again? 

For this question, the Four of Wands came up. This shows three friends lolling back in a garden of poppies, having a pleasant conversation. The querent didn't want a job. There is clearly something he needed to "forget" (think of the poppies of forgetfulness in The Wizard of Oz), something he needed to recover from, and also something he needed to celebrate. This card is typically one of a festive occasion or celebration. I got a sense of someone who had worked very hard at one point, and needed to refuel in almost a hedonistic sense. Until he gave himself over to that and stopped being self-critical about it, he was just wasting time, and not even enjoying it. He needed to surround himself with people who would help him to relax and have fun, not give him lectures on what he could/should be doing. 

Will I ever stop being tired all the time?

The Four of Swords reversed  came up in answer to this question.  My answer was, " Not anytime soon, and you can see it for yourself."  Reversed cards often mean blocked energy to me. This card shows two people sleeping after a difficult journey (emotional/mental/physical). There has been a period of being trapped and utterly exhausted. There is a need for healing. Reversed, I suspect the querent fights that need (especially in conjunction with the other Four), and didn't want to acknowledge how drained he really was. This just kept him feeling more drained; his cup never got replenished. If you look carefully, the young boy is fingering a bloody sword. This can translate to replaying an old wound again and again. 

So, as to the question: the querent needed to recuperate. Until he acknowledged this, he would find it difficult to heal.

Lastly, to the question, "Will I ever be creative again?" he received the Six of Pentacles. Traditionally, it shows a rich man giving alms to two supplicants. This leads to the question of abundance...and says that though he may have felt in need of alms, in fact, he had deep pockets for his (creative) riches. He may have felt impoverished in this area, but in actuality, he had unlimited coffers of creativity to reach into...

The fact is, though, I used Transformational Tarot, which uses different imagery from the RWS. An Asian mother embraces and swaddles her baby against a rich, textured background. If you look closely, you see it's a tree of golden coins. This difference speaks to a need for nurturing--self-nurturing if he wasn't receiving it elsewhere. If he was feeling impoverished, it was coming out of an emotional, not intellectual--or even monetary--space. It also said that he was probably much more comfortable being the giver than the taker, but it was necessary for him to take as well as give. Maybe take even more than give. And give to himself in abundance.

The two "Fours" indicated to me that whatever he did next would be a bit of a departure for the querent. I suggested he think of a four sided box--it's complete and a bit stifling. He was ready to expand...which is why at the moment he felt stagnant and blocked. 



Card One: Person in the Present - 8 of Wands

Card Two: Gifts and Assets - 2 of Swords

Card Three: Blockages and Obstacles - Temperance

You in the present: 8 of Wands
Your gifts and assets: 2 Swords
Your obstacles, blocks: Temperance

The Eight of Wands can be seen as an end to stagnation. His mind was clearly whirling about. This seems in opposition to what I said about his needing rest...but I suggested that he could rest himself physically, while allowing his mind free rein, in terms of creativity. When you put your mind at ease, you allow it creative flow. I urged him to cut any negative backchat...he clearly wanted to get moving...but based on the earlier reading, I thought it might be best if he stuck to moving with his mind, taking it easy physically and allowing himself to do only the things that really stimulated him.

The Two of Swords in this deck is about being extremely sensitive and looking for a sign to remove yourself from a negative situation. The individual in the card is highly-tuned and can pick up things in an almost morbidly sensitive way. As gifts/assets, it said to me that he would recognize the way out of his present dilemma, but he needed to cut away the fears. The card seemed to say, "Stop looking back, and look towards your future, which is brighter than the hall behind." Those are peacock feathers in front of the card, which said, "Show that plumage!  Strut your stuff!"

Interesting, to have such a positive card (Temperance) in a "negative" position: blocks and obstacles...this says to me that the querent was more balanced than he gave himself credit for.  His persona is one that is unique and maybe atypical in some ways, so that his sense of poise and equilibrium is not traditional or easily observed. I see this (because of the card position of blocks and obstacles) as a message that suggested he embrace his differences in a way where he really accepted his eccentricities as wonderful components of who he is. If he looked at Temperance and the Six of Pentacles/Disks he received as the last card in his first reading, the message is clear: embracing and nurturing himself was the key to moving forward.

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Cards 1995 Arnell Ando
Reading and page 2001 Diane Wilkes





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