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This is a Major Arcana-only, Japanese deck. I am told that Uranai means divination.The colors are among  the most intense of any deck I own. They are almost fluorescent. The cards measure 2 1/5/16" X 5". They feel fairly thick, seem to be plastic coated and are very glossy. The card number is in a top border, and the card name is in a bottom border in English. There seems to have been some attempt made to include symbolism from Golden Dawn-based decks, but I would call this an art deck, vice an esoteric deck. The cards have the traditional names except for the Fool, which is called The Challenger. An oddity is that every card name is preceded by the word "the." While most of the names work well with "the," The Strength, The Justice, The Death, The Temperance, and The Judgment sound a bit strange. It could be a translation problem.Strength is eight and Justice is eleven. I find it interesting that most of the Japanese decks that I own have the card numbers and titles exclusively in English.

This deck is very pretty. The people on the cards do not appear to be Asian. One of the cards I especially like in this deck is the Hermit. He appears to be otherworldly and seemingly walks on clouds. The Wheel of Fortune contains colors that make it seem to glow. Justice has a sweet look, vice the severe or serious look one usually sees on this card. The Moon is one of the most colorful I have ever seen.  The Sun is rather disappointing, consisting primarily of a huge sun with two small figures flying overhead. While cards like Death, the Devil and the Tower have not been especially toned down, the intense colors make them seem less ominous. The backs are reversible.

This deck is part of a deck/book set. The books are written almost entirely in Japanese, with the exception of some headings. I do not read Japanese, but the deck comes with a large booklet that seems to be telling a story. I am guessing it is a story based on the illustrations. There is also a full-length paperback book that has a three color illustration (black, white and red) of each card, accompanied by what seem to be upright and reversed meanings. The meanings are broken into five categories (they are in English): Love, Marriage, Job & Studies, Health & Beauty, and Etcetera. One thing I have noticed about most Japanese Tarot books is that they include several spreads. This book has at least five different spreads. There are probably sample readings provided, as well, since each spread is shown several times with different cards.

I recommend this deck for collectors or for those interested in a very colorful deck. The deck and book are packaged in a slip-sleeve case, with a cardboard-covered foam well to hold the cards and the little booklet. The case is very nice and will sit on a bookshelf like a book.

Tarot Uranai
ISBN: 4-8163-1194-7
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