Shiawase No Mai Tarot by Marina Oka and Keiko Sugimoto
Review by Michele Jackson

In my review of the Uranai deck, I wrote that Uranai means divination, but someone wrote me later on to tell me that it means fortune. The Shiawase No Mai Tarot is a Majors-only deck. The cards measure approximately 2 1/2 X 4 1/2 inches.  The finish is very glossy and the backs are reversible. The card name is in the bottom border and the card number is in the top border. Strength is eight and Justice is 11.

The art is very good. The images are very similar to Pamela Colman-Smith's images in the Waite deck. There are some interesting differences. The Magician and Chariot look female to me. I also like the movement in the Tower. The artist mad fairly extensive use of patterns. There is a pattern in the upper border of each card. Patterns appear in the clothing of most of the people on the cards, often as trim or bric-a-brac. Even the ground in the Star is patterned. Some cards have an astrological sign in the upper border. I found these interesting as several are different from those used by the Golden Dawn. The correspondences in this deck are:

Hierophant - Taurus Hermit - Virgo Star - Aquarius
Lovers - Gemini Justice - Libra Moon - Pisces
Chariot - Sagittarius Temperance - Cancer Sun - Aries
Strength - Leo Devil - Capricorn Judgment - Scorpio




The deck comes with a cloth covered book, but this book is written entirely in Japanese. Many of the Japanese books I have contain at least a few words in English, typically the name of the publisher and the copyright information. This book does not. The publisher's name was obtained from the box. The deck is packaged in a soft foam well with a cardboard cover. It is the same size as the book, and they are both stored in a slip sleeve case. I recommend this deck for collectors. 

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Uranai Tarot Publisher: Tsuchiya Books
ISBN: 4-8069-0392-2
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