I Naibi di Giovanni Vacchetta

This deck is a reproduction of an Italian deck, originally published in 1893. It consists of uncolored line drawings. The art is excellent. The cards are very detailed. I especially like the artist's rendering of faces. They look serene and satisfied in most cases. The cards are on uncoated card stock and measure 4 3/4" X 2 1/2". They are suitable for coloring, and I have seen a beautiful hand colored set done by artist Alexandra Genetti. The card names are all in Italian. The Fool is unnumbered; Justice (La Giustisia) is VIII and Strength (La Forza) is XI. The suits are Bastone (Wands), Coppe (Cups), Spade (Swords) and Denari (Coins). The court consists of Fante (Valet), Caval (Knight), Regina (Queen) and Re (King). The Minor Arcana are pips, but they are quite elaborate with lots of ribbons, ropes, angels, flowers, plants and other accessories.

There is no little booklet for this deck. It comes in a sleeve which gives a brief background in Italian. I recommend this deck for collectors and those interested in a beautiful deck to hand color. I also have no source as I bought mine from an individual, but if I find one, I will update this.

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