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Review by Michele Jackson

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The Voyager Tarot Deck could be called a "New Age" Tarot deck. It makes several radical departures from the traditional Tarot in its foundation, which effect the interpretation of the cards. Wanless' system is fairly easy to learn. Each Minor Arcana card, Ace through ten is a characteristic of the Major Arcana card of the same number. All four Aces are characteristics of the Magician, all four twos are characteristics of the Priestess, etc., etc.. This system is easier to memorize than the traditional system, but it also necessitated changes in interpretation to make it work. Those who have been working with a Golden Dawn based system for any length of time may find some of the interpretations a bit difficult to assimilate.

The art is photo-collage. My first impression of the deck was that there was too much symbolism. It looked "busy" and disconnected. I avoided this deck for years until I actually watched someone do a reading with it. The multitude of symbols pretty much ensures that the reader will never get "stuck" on a card. Usually a symbol in the card will catch your eye as a focus point for that particular reading. This is especially true for the Major Arcana. The cards are large (3 3/4" X 5 1/2"). The Majors have the number of the card written on the top and the name of the card written on the bottom. The Minors and Court Cards have the name written on the bottom and a short interpretation on the top.

Some changes have been made to the Majors: Justice (card VIII) has been changed to Balance, The Wheel of Fortune is simply Fortune, Temperance has been changed to Art, The Devil is Devil's Play, Judgment is Time-Space and The World is The Universe. The Court Cards are called Family Cards and are Mother, Father, Sage and Child. The suits are Wands, Cups, Worlds (Disks) and Crystals (Swords). The Minor Arcana symbolism is simpler than that of the Majors. My only complaint is the suit of Crystals, which uses crystals as the key symbol on each card. I find this suit somewhat stark and not as easy to interpret based on the symbolism.

This deck is rather expensive ($35.00). It comes in a slip sleeve box and the booklet which accompanies the deck is one of the best I have seen. It is really a small book. It gives interpretations, spreads, and provides some information on how the deck can be used. There is a separate book available for this deck as well called Voyager Tarot: Way of the Great Oracle. Correspondence courses, audio tapes and video tapes are available for this deck as well. Wanless also provides workshops on the deck.

This deck will not appeal to everyone and veteran readers will have more difficulty with it than novices. I found that once I started working with it, that it is easy to read and interpret.

If you would like to purchase this deck/book set, click here.

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