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This is a Native American theme deck. The art is very good with rich colors and good detail. The cards measure 2 3/4" X 4 3/4". Most of the Major Arcana names have been changed in keeping with the theme:

0 Clown VII Spiritual Warrior XIV Integration
I Medicine Man VIII Balance XV Torment
II Medicine Woman IX Hermit XVI Chaos
III Grandmother X Small Medicine Wheel XVIII Star
IV Grandfather XI Life Force XVIII Moon
V Shaman XII Vision Quest IXX (sic) Sun
VI Lovers XIII Transformation XX Spirit Guide
XXI Big Medicine Wheel

The suits are Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The court consists of Father, Mother, Son and Daughter. The Major Arcana have the card name and number in the bottom border as do the Court Cards. The numbered cards have the name, number and a brief meaning. The meanings are fairly traditional. Several are the same as those found in Book T or on the Thoth deck -- Four of Fire - Completion; Six of Fire - Victory; Ten of Fire - Oppression; Seven of Air - Futility; Eight of Air - Interference; Two of Water - Love; Six of Water - Pleasure; Two of Earth - Change; and Ten of Earth - Wealth. Others use words that are similar to those in Thoth or Book T, although they are sometimes toned down. The numbered cards generally do not depict people in scenes. They show suit symbols arranged in such a way as to be evocative of the card meaning.  The suit symbols can vary.  Arrows, wands and flames represent Fire; jars, cups and bowls represent Water; feathers and birds represent Air; and vegetables, fruits, stones and flowers represent Earth. They do a pretty good job of it. Here again we see Golden Dawn and Thoth influences in the way the suit symbols are laid out -- Two of Fire, Three of FireEight of Fire, and Five of Air, among others. The back shows a bird flying against a starry sky and is not reversible. There are a couple of printing "ouches" - the number "Three" is always spelled "Tree," and the Roman numeral for 19 is incorrect.

The little booklet that comes with this deck is over 100 pages long. It starts by explaining the premise of the deck. It states: "This Tarot does not purport to embody the teachings of the Red Way. Nevertheless, it helps us view the events and changes in our lives from a fresh and more profoundly insightful angle." Five new spreads are provided. Each card discussion has three sections: In essence - a one or two word meaning followed by a brief interpretation, Inner message - how the card relates to you on a psychological level, and Outer manifestation - how the card will manifest in your life. The one word meanings for the numbered cards are the same as those written on the cards,  but brief meanings are provided for the Major Arcana  and Court Cards as well. For example, in Fire we have: Father of Fire - Charismatic Visionary; Mother of Fire - Trusting Oneself; Son of Fire - Courage; and Daughter of Fire - Self Actualization. The In essence meanings are generally traditional, but the Inner message and Outer manifestation sections tend to be very gentle and positive in outlook. Reversals are not mentioned, and there are no reversed meanings provided and the backs do not lend themselves to reversed cards.

I recommend this deck for those who want a Native American theme deck, or a deck that is very gentle and positive in outlook. The similarities with Golden Dawn based decks and Thoth would make the learning curve short for those familiar with these decks.

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If you would like to purchase this deck, click here.

Vision Quest Tarot Deck
ISBN: 3-905219-44-1
Published by AGMuller


9. Hermit

In Essence

MEDITATION - incubation time - silence - retreat -   solitude - disengaging - self - remembering - contemplation.

Inner Message

An important break is in the offing! A break from all activities. Pay attention to your inner life. Your energy wants to turn inward, not rush outside. Let it. Don't fight your need for quietness. Intuit what you can do for yourself, what  kind of relaxation or meditation helps you most. Those who truly love you will understand and grant you the space you require. Genuine answers to your questions arise from this inner resting place, all by themselves. So give your mind a break and listen to your inner beingness.

Outward manifestation

It's time to disengage. Say good-bye to the hustle and bustle for a while. Turn all your attention to the inner world. It is not selfish to take some time for yourself! Just the opposite: it is the intelligent and compassionate thing to do for everyone concerned. When you feel good you are emanating positive, harmonious vibrations. But in order to truly feel good you must occasionally learn to retreat from EVERYTHING and let yourself be replenished in solitude. Heed the rhythms of your life force, welcome the pauses that renew your strength. Only those who have more than enough can be generous and give it all away. The moment has come to relax so completely, that all tensions dissolve. 'Once the inner lake becomes still, you can see through to the deepest Ground."

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