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I have been following the progress of the Victoria Regina deck for a couple of years via the artist's web site. The trumps are now available in a limited edition of 75 decks. My advice is that you stop wasting time reading this and go to the order link at the bottom of the review to snatch one up right away. Then come back and read this at your leisure.

This is a collage deck done in black and white. The cards measure 4 1/4" X 2 1/2". They are laminated and have a color back. The artist's source drawings are steel and wood engravings from publications of the late Victorian era. Harper's New Monthly Magazine and the Illustrated London News are listed as sources as well as images from Dover Publications and Scan this Book. Ovenall's cards tend to combine the traditional and the whimsical. The results are amazing. The Fool is one of my favorites of all time. The High Priestess peers at us from the recesses of a curtained room. Ovenall has captured her mystery perfectly. The Chariot is a woman on a bicycle and the Hermit holds a pen for his staff. The Death card is highly animated, and the Devil is depicted as a clown. The Moon is another one of my favorites.

The booklet that comes with the deck provides an introduction to the deck, including the source materials. The write-ups for each card include a detailed description, followed by an interpretation. The interpretations describe the card meaning and the artist's use of symbolism. The interpretations are fairly traditional. There is also a paragraph that discusses the card from an artists point of view. This section provides advice and  recommended activities for artists to apply the energy of the card to their work. Some cards also have notes on the source images. The booklet is printed on a wonderful art paper that has tiny colored speckles dispersed throughout. They are small enough not to interfere with the print at all, but large enough to add an interesting touch to the booklet. The coolest thing about the booklet is that it is also the card box. The booklet is sewn into a cardboard cover with flaps on three sides. There is a ribbon that laces through the side flap and the cover to hold the package closed. It is one of the most creative Tarot packages I have ever seen.

I highly recommend this deck for collectors and those interested in Victoriana. Those interested in collage decks will want one as well. The artist is working on the Minor Arcana and will probably have no difficulty in getting the deck published. This Majors only edition is hand made and is from a limited edition of 75 copies. Each deck is signed and numbered by the artist. The booklet is signed by the artist and her co-author Georg Patterson. The deck has only been available for a few weeks and as of this writing (16 July 1999) there are only about 40 decks left, so, if you want one, you need to act quickly.

Victoria Regina Tarot Trumps by Sarah Ovenall

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