Reading with the Victoria Regina Tarot by Diane Wilkes

The querent asked for a reading about a potential relationship with a man we'll call "A".

Card One: Querent and what she brings to the relationship

Card Two: "A" and what he brings to the relationship

Card Three: What the Querent and "A"  bring to the relationship

The King of Cups is someone with very strong emotions. The querent is trying to maintain her balance in the face of various, different emotions swirling about her. While she is compassionate towards others' displays of emotion, she tends to try to keep hers in balance. There is also a desire on her part to maintain appearances, which keeps her from giving into public displays of emotional turmoil.

She is completely devoted in relationships once her heart has been won, but she needs someone who is also devoted to her--that is the thing that melts her heart the most and commands her strongest loyalty. She may be a bit hesitant about giving her heart completely at first, because of past wounds (this card is based on King Albert, who was not initially in love with his bride, Queen Victoria--but eventually their marriage was a major love match). But once given, hers is a tender and loving heart. 

A's card is the Moon, which symbolizes him in the relationship. The Moon is one of my two favorite Tarot cards, because for me it represents intensity, depth, sensitivity, psychic qualities and mystery. The image on the Victoria Regina Tarot Moon is particularly positive, showing a beautiful woman sitting on a crescent moon as if it were a back porch swing. Fairy dust trails from her fingers as she looks down on the world below. This man may be the most sensitive man the querent has ever met, one who is both alluring and seems to understand her every emotional nuance. 

Despite it being one of my favorite cards, I shared the "dark side" of this card with the querent, particularly as traditional Tarot has a less favorable opinion of the Moon than I do. Many individuals with the sensitive and deep qualities of this card also have struggles with the mundane realities. Ben Vaughn wrote a song called "Too Sensitive for this World" and those words can sometimes describe a Moon-influenced individual. This card can show someone who hides his true sensitivities (the hidden is a big part of this card), and traditional interpretations speak of illusion, betrayal, and instability. 

My sense of the situation is that A is a strong Sensitive who is more balanced than not, but has a few secrets the querent has yet to uncover. She might never uncover them, particularly because...

The card I drew for the two of them together is the Eight of Swords. This is a card of constraint and traditionally shows a woman bound and blindfolded, surrounded by swords (in this deck, Swords are Guns). With the other two cards, this one lead me to wonder if one or both of them are in positions of constriction, which limits a relationship of mutual give and take, if one of them "feels trapped" within the "confines" of relationship. The blindfold, combined with the Moon card, indicates that there is something one or both of them isn't seeing. 

My feeling is that relationship is "on hold" in some way. The only way that can change is if the individual(s) involved (the querent and/or "A") can rid themselves of the thoughts that are constraining them from being in a relationship. Perhaps this regards emotional pain held over from previous relationships, but it's now not a question of heart, but mind, and a willingness to move away from old thought patterns that keep one (or both) of them trapped and bound.

The combination of elements of this reading are Water (Cups), Moon (Pisces) and Air (Swords). This says to me that the emotional aspects are alive and kicking, but the negative thoughts (Air) are a hindrance for a positive relationship.

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