Wheel of Change Tarot                                                                                Review by Michele Jackson

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This deck by artist/reader Alexandra Genetti, was ten years in the making. It draws from the myths and cultures of many diverse peoples. The art is good. The cards are from Genetti's paintings, which are very detailed and quite colorful. The Major Arcana have retained the traditional names, but they are unnumbered. The court cards are the same as Thoth: Queen, Knight, Princess and Prince. Likewise the pips have scenes, but no human forms, another idea the artist borrowed from Crowley/Harris. However, Genetti's scenes are realistic, vice abstract. The suits are Wands, Cups, Swords and Disks. The cards in each suit are bordered by a different color: Wands in yellow, Cups in red, Swords in blue and Disks in green. The major Arcana are bordered in gray. The cards are slightly larger than average at 4 7/8" X 3 7/8".

The deck maintains the traditional Tarot deck structure, but Genetti's vision is non-traditional in that it incorporates elements from many diverse cultures and people. Her Minor Arcana interpretations are also largely non-traditional. Genetti bases her work on several sources, including her own numerological system, and an innovation called "The Tarot Tree." Briefly, The Tarot Tree divides the cards into a triangle consisting of seven groups which are based on seasonal patterns and the cycles of life. The deck is deeply Pagan in tone, but not to the point where non-Pagans would feel threatened or offended. There is a lot going on in the underpinnings of this deck - more than can be covered in this brief review, but you can find additional information on the deck's structure here.

The Wheel of Change is sold as a deck/book set. The book is quite detailed, weighing in at slightly under 400 pages. Before you despair of learning a complex new system, the book provides the artist's ideas on the deck, but she states quite plainly that "...I want to be clear that I intend these explanations as a guide. I do not want to limit the reader's own intuition or ideas in any way. These images are dense; they contain many symbols, and the language of symbols is undeniably complex and elusive. Let the pictures themselves be your first teacher." The interpretations provided in the book are detailed and explain the symbolism used quite thoroughly. The set comes in a hinged top box, with two wells for the cards.

I recommend this deck for those looking for a Pagan deck, or for a deck with a different point of view. Genetti presents some innovative theories which many will find interesting.

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If you would like to purchase this book/deck set, click here.

Wheel of Change Tarot by Alexandra Genetti
ISBN: 0-89281-609-0
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Destiny Books, Rochester, Vermont

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"The Wheel of Change is the result of ten years of steady work and study. My interest in mythology and symbolism goes back to my childhood as the daughter of two classics professors. My fascination with the Tarot specifically began in my college years, where I studied many esoteric systems and their symbolism. I wanted to create a new Tarot that was intellectually rigorous, yet consistent and straighforward. I wanted this new Tarot to express elements of the modern world of science and our contemporary life, but also to relate our history and evolution. I also knew that it would be traditional; it should keep the ancient forms as much as possible without renaming cards or suits and also without the overuse of the human figure, so prevalent in today's decks. I wanted the cards of the Major Arcana to be immediately distinguishable from the pip cards of the common deck, so I knew that there would be no figures on the numbered cards. Overall, however, the most important thing I wanted to express in these cards was a deep reverence for nature and, in addition, the condition of humanity embedded with it. By this I mean that we are not just a simple part of the natural world as a cog in a wheel, but that we are fully one with nature, as it is within us and we are within it."

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