Whimsical Tarot: A Deck for Children and The Young At Heart by Mary Hanson-Roberts and Dorothy Morrison
Review by Robert Moyer

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What are the important elements of a tarot deck? Everyone who uses tarot will probably say something different, because they use tarot for their own reasons and to justify their own means. That's another article in itself.

For me, tarot is a mode of communication between people; and between people and the spiritual realm. Tarot is also a teaching device; sort of a flash card to spirituality and magical messages. Tarot represents a meaningful mode to be artistically expressive as well. Being a wannabe artist, when I grow up that is, this aspect is important to me.

Not since the Halloween Tarot have I found anything more enchanting. Granted, the Alice in Wonderland Deck came close, but I'm a guy and Alice is a girl thing. I can respect that.

Mary Hanson-Roberts and Dorothy Morrison have created a simply delightful walk down memory lane for me. All the fairy tales, nursery rhymes and childhood stories are encapsulated on these cards. Thank you. It sort of gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I can walk down the paths to each of the stories I was taught as a child by my mom and my teachers. This can be encouraging to other tarot readers and teachers. Because it can encourage the young this tarot deck is stimulating. Just looking at the pictures is a fascinating journey in and of itself.

Ms. Roberts has already established herself as a capable, imaginative artist and tarot interpreter. I feel she is a modern "Pixie" (Pamela Coleman Smith). When I do readings for young people, which I love doing, I use her original deck.

Ms. Morrison, I congratulate you for interpreting the cards with such simple and direct verbal illustrations. She does adhere to the K.I.S.S. System. And truly when you answer young people, you should answer them simply and concisely as your introduction book does by example. I might suggest that if a book and card set be introduced, you might do the layout of the instruction book in the form of a children's primer. An intriguing idea to those of us who enjoy studying, teaching and collecting tarot.

Since before a man called Jesus taught his Beatitudes and the Sermon on the Mount; people have been fascinated and enthralled by stories with lessons, parables. The Grimm Brothers compiled some pretty heavy, dark, yet very imaginative stories for the young to read at a time when society was in a different kind of struggling stage. Combining tarot and children's stories was a brilliant stroke. With the Whimiscal Tarot, the imagery does not frighten those who would be likely to be frightened. Though the images may seem to some cutesy, they tell the story of each card directly, so that those less "worldly" may understand the warning signs.

Today, there is a tendency to talk down fairy tales, imagination and magic. We also live in a world of contradictions. "Grow-Up!" "Act like an adult." "Find the child within and nurture it." So what do we do? I feel we should just do. Do that which we are guided to do. If you are going to be drawn to the tarot as a tool, I would hope you use this deck to do so. As a teacher you can't go wrong with it. As a tarot student, as I feel we all are who use tarot, you will be enchanted.

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If you'd like to buy the Whimsical Tarot Deck/Book set, click here.

If you'd like to buy the Whimsical Tarot Deck, click here.

If you'd like to buy only the companion book to the Whimsical Tarot Deck, click here.

Whimsical Tarot by Dorothy Morrison and Mary Hanson-Roberts
Publisher: US Games
ISBN#: 1572812532

Robert Moyer is a Certified Tarot Master with the American Tarot Association. He has been reading Tarot since the age of 19; and been doing cartomancy since the age of 13.  He is the host of an alternative thought program on a local station, BCTV, called "Tuning In."  Robert does professional consultations and classes in Reading, Allentown, and the Baltimore area.

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