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The Woo -Woo Tarot

This deck is one of several published by Mystic Eye. It is a Major Arcana - only deck . The cards are larger than average at 3 1/2" X 5 1/4". They feel like they have been laminated, vice coated. The deck was designed as a birthday gift. The art appears to be computer generated and it looks like it is made primarily from clipart. I recognize many of the images from a Corel Mega Gallery set that I have. The Lovers is the only card that contains classic art. They are a mixture of traditional, modern and Native American imagery. The scenes are drawn in a rectangle with a rounded top and bottom. The images sometimes fall outside this area and the artist makes extensive use of corner decorations that tend to provide more defined corners. Overall, the art is good. The images are fairly simple and uncluttered. The cards are brightly colored. The deck reminds me of the Experimental Tarot Deck, only more original. The backs have a colorful design and are reversible. The cards have the traditional names. Strength is eight and Justice 11. I have no idea how the name for the deck was chosen.

There is no little booklet with this deck. Instead there is an 8 1/2" X 14" instruction sheet. The sheet begins with a story that describes how the deck came to be. It seems to be fictional. I won't spoil it by repeating it - suffice to say, the deck is channelled in the story. Upright and reversed meanings are provided for each card. They are brief and fairly traditional. Finally, there are instructions for the Celtic Cross Spread.

I recommend this deck for collectors. Those interested in computer graphics may also want to give this deck a look as it is an example of what can be done with clip art and a graphics program.

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The Woo-Woo Tarot
ISBN: 0-9673582-2-1
Publisher: Mysticeye 6553 N. Campbell, Chicago IL 60645 (773)262-2805


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