Tarot Oreste Zevola

This is a 78 card, French art deck. The cards are a very unusual size at 2 1/2 X 7 inches. The art is in a primitive style that reminds me of the scribbling of a child. The colors are rich and deep with lots of red accents. Each image has a black outer border with a red saw-toothed inner border. In the Major Arcana, the card name is in the bottom in French. The card number is in the top of each card. The Fool is unnumbered and Death has neither name or number. Justice is eight and Strength is 11. Although the backs appear reversible on first glance, a closer look reveals that they are not.

The suits have no names,  but appear to be fairly standard. The Wands look like baseball bats. The Cups have elephants worked into each image. The Swords have what appears to be a heart worked into each image. The Minor Arcana are pips, though most are highly decorated. Some have people or animals worked into the images. Others have flowers. The suit symbols are arranged twice on each pip - a large arrangement that takes up most of the card and a smaller arrangement in the bottom portion of each card. The court cards do not have names and the primitive style makes them a bit difficult to distinguish at times. The Knights each have horse heads worked into the scene. Many of the people on these cards have decorated knee pads.

The little booklet for this deck is written in French. It begins with a history of Tarot and I am sorry that I can not read as it mentions Petrarch. There is a page devoted to each of the Major Arcana. There doesn't seem to be any mention of the Minor Arcana and there are no spreads illustrated. This deck is from a limited edition of 2500 decks, but it is not numbered. I recommend it for collectors or those who like primitive art.

Tarots Oreste Zevola
Publisher: Grimaud

Images Copyright 1989, Grimaud

This page is Copyright 2000 by Michele Jackson